Date & Location

September 17-20, 2019; 2915 Commers Drive, Eagan, MN

This four-day intensive QAD QXtend Fundamentals course covers QXtend interoperability framework and focuses on how to configure QXtend to implement data replication between multiple instances of QAD or between QAD domains and integration between QAD and 3rd party applications by using standard as well as custom interfaces.   Through a combination of lecture, demonstration and lab exercises, attendees will acquire an understanding of the QXtend interoperability platform and its features.  Integration technical and functional team members will benefit from taking this course.

Expected outcome/You will learn

Understand QAD QXtend interoperability framework, Inbound and Outbound functionality; How to implement both standard and custom Inbound and Outbound interfaces to move data in and out of QAD ERP systems and integrate with 3rd party applications.  How to perform administrative functions and use troubleshooting techniques to identify and resolve integration issues.

Intended Audience
Integration technical and functional team members, IT Managers and anyone who wants to implement and manage integration of QAD ERP system with 3rd party applications as well as multiple QAD instances or domains.

A knowledge of ERP systems or business applications in general, as well as inter-operability related models and technologies, is recommended.

Course Length
4 Days

$2295 USD per person

Registration Closes:

August 30, 2019

Special Instructions for Students

Detailed Table of Contents Available Upon Request