Strategic Mobility Group (SMG3)

ERP expert, Strategic, and SMG’s proven mobility experts can provide full-service ERP automation and complete end to end mobility solutions.

Reimagine Your Operations Efficiency with Strategic Information Group and Strategic Mobility Group

Today, mobile technology is a critical component in helping your manufacturing operation catapult to new levels of efficiencies. Strategic Information Group (Strategic) and Strategic Mobility Group (SMG3) have partnered to help you maximize efficiency, streamline processes, and minimize downtime in your operations—inside and outside your four walls. Imagine the possibilities with strategic ERP Automation and Mobility.

QAD Automation Solutions improves operational visibility, control, and accuracy across the internal supply chain, spanning inbound, production, and outbound processes. It ties QAD ERP shop floor data and processes in real-time to improve material handling speed, accuracy, and inventory management.

Automated data collection coupled with handheld visibility can transform such operations as:

But where do you start?

Strategic can provide expert professional services, from design and implementation of QAD automation solutions and tailored custom system integrations to meet your precise requirements to complete managed ERP solutions for worry-free system management and maintenance.

What’s more, mobility solution professionals from SMG3 will dig in and help you envision more automation possibilities by showing you the advantages of mobile computers, vehicle mount devices, mobile printers, barcode scanners, and mobile device management (MDM) software to help achieve unforeseen benefits and new heights in manufacturing automation efficiencies.

What better way to take advantage of full-service ERP automation and mobility solutions than partnering with your trusted ERP expert, Strategic, and SMG3’s proven mobility experts, who pride themselves on providing clients not just devices, but complete end-to end mobility solutions.

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