Migrating to a cloud-based ERP can seem like a massive undertaking, but the cost benefits make it well worth considering for all companies – even for Life Sciences companies which must follow special FDA procedures.

Bringing your business into the cloud can be especially beneficial for businesses that anticipate rapid growth, have limited IT infrastructure, seasonal spikes or multiple locations. With instant accessibility, anywhere in the world with an internet connection, this trend is here to stay and will only improve in the future.

5 Reasons why your business should consider a cloud ERP from QAD:

  1. Lower your IT overhead — An in-house server typically needs to be backed up to protect your information, and monitored frequently. A cloud solution offers outsourced maintenance, back-up and disaster recovery all at a secure location.
  2. Fully Scalable – A cloud solution can adjust to your changing needs. Your company can add users and additional functionality with ease, plus you’ll never have to worry about hardware or software upgrades again.
  3. Lower Operating Costs — less IT staff and analysts needed for ERP support and most ERP services can be handled by experts outside your business, even helpdesk type functions.
  4. Increased Accessibility -– gives your global offices centralized and secure access as well as remote employees
  5. Quick Ramp-up -– QAD offers an easy migration path for existing customers and easy-on-boarding model for new customers. You can be up and running in just weeks.

QAD ERP software was created exclusively for manufacturing companies, whether your company is a growing startup or a global brand. QAD’s cloud ERP lets you spend time focusing on your business, not your ERP software. Take a leap into the cloud, and watch your business take off!