Social media gives us a great opportunity to rethink how we communicate in business. Tools like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn help make communication easy, effective and fun.

Why become a social enterprise? Your colleagues, customers, partners, and prospects are already social. Social technologies, processes and practices already influence how your organization collaborates and does business internally.

Social tools can be effective in the workplace when tied into your ERP solution. User-friendly social applications can help increase productivity and improve collaboration both within your enterprise and with your business partners.

As the next generation of ERP systems emerges, social applications are proving their value in connecting businesses internally and with customers. Not the same as integrating ERP systems with external social-media sites, social ERP apps mirror the functionality of online social networking tools. The interface may act like Facebook, but it is secured and maintained with your ERP solution.

Social ERP tools can facilitate collaboration and communication among employees and partners using your ERP system. Connecting people quickly and easily enables them to proactively solve business problems together.

Primary benefits of social functionally for ERP:

  1. Facilitate collaboration and communication in the enterprise
  2. Easily track conversations, projects and processes
  3. Improve business processes
  4. Document business processes to support lean initiatives
  5. Enhance customer engagement
  6. Build and maintain your knowledge base

Analysts are predicting that social media and social apps will become a more significant component of the ERP landscape. Becoming more social can improve your company’s agility and facilitate competitive advantage. Making your enterprise social brings the power of the back office to the front office, helps customers collaborate, and drives growth.

We’d love to know how social ERP would transform your organization. How are you integrating external social media into your internal and customer-facing communications? How can becoming a social enterprise with QAD help you drive results?

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