With new mobile ERP apps for iPad, it’s simple and easy

We love the speed and convenience of our mobile devices. The first laptops and cell phones set us free and today, smart phones and tablet computers deliver us powerful applications and sleek functionality.

ERP has a long tradition of providing robust mobile capabilities but mostly for targeted roles and only on dedicated devices. Compared to today’s technologies, mobile ERP solutions of the past look positively ancient.

To stay competitive, companies are rapidly moving toward a more mobile enterprise model. A recent Forrester report highlighted mobile ERP as one of seven evolving technologies that will have significant business impact in three key areas:

  1. Greater business process flexibility
  2. More transparent and predictable cost of ownership
  3. Greater collaboration and accelerated execution

Mobile ERP Business Intelligence leads the way:

A good example of the latest ERP mobility is mobile business intelligence (BI). According to Gartner Group, one-third of BI usage will be through mobile devices in just a few years. Mobile BI facilitates better reuse of existing data, security, monitoring, and network resources – and that means better return on IT investments.

Global ERP players like QAD offer their BI customers a free mobile BI application for the iPad. The app allows for quick, easy access to company Key Performance Indicators whether you are traveling or on the shop floor. 
QAD’s mobile BI app for the iPad allows users to browse dashboards, look at data, zoom in to charts and drill down and connects users to their own QAD BI server. Other free mobile apps from QAD include a free mobile GRS app.

Mobile ERP apps deliver strategic advantage in the following 5 areas:

  1. Customer Service
  2. Employee Productivity
  3. More Accurate Data Capture
  4. Faster Response times
  5. Competitive Advantage

Mobile ERP tools help companies create better ways for end users to access and interact with information. The faster users can get access to accurate, actionable data, the happier – and more productive – they are. With mobile ERP apps, your mobile workers get easy access to powerful functionality and real-time data anywhere, any time.

Tools like QAD’s mobile ERP applications allow companies to drive significant quality and performance improvements in these important areas.

Need help taking your ERP mobile?

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