For manufacturers, the Software as a Service (SaaS) ERP deployment model is truly a game changer. Today’s SaaS ERP securely and reliably delivers all the capabilities manufacturers need to improve response time, meet compliance requirements, increase customer satisfaction and drive measurable performance.

ERP on demand provides an alternative to traditional, on-premise enterprise software that offers low cost and high performance. The SaaS delivery model turns ERP acquisition from a cash-intensive capital expenditure into a more manageable operating expense – with less effort and risk.

SaaS ERP helps manufacturers deliver business results. QAD’s SaaS ERP solution, QAD On Demand, offers security, reliability, availability and predictable expense, helping you minimize your risk while maximizing return on investment.

QAD On Demand helps manufacturers make the most of these seven powerful SaaS ERP opportunities:

  1. Complete Integration: Today’s SaaS ERP is designed to support all of the key processes of global manufacturers. It enables measurement, process control and process efficiency, and is configured with built-in industry best practice processes. QAD On Demand delivers a fully integrated ERP and Supply Chain business solution designed for fast deployment, optimum user productivity and easy upgrades.
  2. Manufacturing Capabilities: SaaS ERP delivers the tools manufacturers need for planning, scheduling, cost management, material control, shop floor control and reporting. QAD provides full shop floor control throughout the manufacturing process, and tracks performance and quality.
  3. Always up to date: One of the most powerful savings SaaS ERP offers is an easier upgrade path and lower upgrade expense. Organizations avoid the costs and disruptions of upgrading – and the temptation to delay the purchase of updates that could enhance effectiveness and provide competitive advantage. When QAD On Demand customers request a software change or new function, the QAD developers make the change and release it to the person who requested it, and also make it available to the entire network. This rapid, on-demand development supports continuous improvement.
  4. Usability, efficiency, productivity: SaaS ERP vendors strive to make it easy for users get up to speed fast and enjoy continuous improvement. That’s why QAD continuously improves its simple, customizable user interface, QAD .NET UI. And, QAD process maps make it easy for companies to establish repeatable procedures and deploy them across business units. These tools enable faster onboarding of new users and greater productivity across organizations.
  5. Qualified for Validation: With this model, one instance of the SaaS ERP application is hosted in a single-tenant private cloud. The core functionality of the application needs to be validated just once. You don’t have to worry about getting systems and IT procedures documented and certified, which is a huge time and money saver. QAD On Demand provides a separate qualified environment to each customer. Just as important, QAD software and procedures meet strict FDA regulations. QAD’s qualified environment also allows compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) with no additional investment in systems infrastructure.
  6. Quality Management Included: For some manufacturers, quality management is as important a requirement as compliance capabilities. QAD’s Cebos Enterprise Quality Management MQ1 provides the functionality to meet ongoing quality system requirements. Users can configure to business process requirements, to ensure meeting international compliance requirements, ISO standards, FDA requirements, and individual customer requirements.
  7. True Process Improvement: Manufacturers need to be able to define the best practices for their business processes, and measure their efficiency. QAD defines an Effective Enterprise as one where every business process is working at peak efficiency and perfectly aligned to the company’s strategic goals. QAD’s Effective Enterprise philosophy drives the development of solutions that encompass best practices and deliver clear measurement.