What we learned at QAD Explore 2013: Ten building blocks for the Effective Enterprise

Today’s manufacturers must constantly adapt their businesses to address new market challenges. Effective enterprises leverage new technologies to drive productivity and performance for their organizations, their supply chains and their customers.

That’s why QAD Explore 2013 showcased the technology tools and information that enable manufacturing organizations to become more effective enterprises. QAD delivers tools and technologies that help companies streamline application maintenance and continuously improve key business processes.

QAD Explore is always exciting! Here are our ten key takeaways from this year’s conference:

  1. QAD Enterprise Applications 2013 delivers significant enhancements – QAD continues to evolve QAD Enterprise Applications to help businesses operate more efficiently, adapt to change more easily and ensure business continuity. Robust architecture, fresh functionality and enhanced usability make it simple and easy for QAD customers to maintain, support and upgrade individual components while continuing to leverage the existing system.
  2. Innovative framework simplifies application support – A new modular deployment framework provides the ability to enhance or upgrade individual components, elements and services within QAD Enterprise Applications. The simplicity of this framework eliminates disruption from replacements of the entire application. QAD users can access a variety of components online from the QAD Store and add them to their systems easily.
  3. New capabilities support item attributes, traceability and quality control – With enhanced capabilities to address mandates for product traceability, the new quality control functionality supports detailed recording of item quality attributes and traceability of materials throughout the supply chain. These capabilities support both current and emerging regulatory requirements, like ePedigree and Unique Device Identification (UDI) in the Life Sciences markets. Serialization/Unique Device Identification (UDI) enhancements are in development.
  4. New capabilities in QAD Enterprise Financials –QAD Enterprise Financials is designed to meet the needs of global public companies with support for regulatory and governmental compliance mandates such as Sarbanes–Oxley (SOX) and the adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Complete retro-billing capability accommodates fluctuating commodity prices and allows for retrospective price adjustment and on-charging to the customer. This capability combined with the strong logistics accounting capabilities that manage shipping and freight costs before and after the event safeguard businesses against inaccurate freight and material cost variances.
  5. Roles-based usability enhancements – QAD continues to enhance its leading-edge user interface (UI) technology. In the latest release, QAD delivers an advanced role-focused metaphor. This new metaphor collects the functionality a user requires to perform a specific role, via a simple configurable home page. From this home page users can execute their regular functions with a few clicks while maintaining constant visibility of key metrics and assigned tasks. QAD expects to build on this metaphor in the future to further enhance the user experience across the enterprise.
  6. Enhanced deployment flexibility – Building on its goal to simplify upgrades for its customers, QAD’s application architecture enables enterprises to implement a full-strength ERP solution in the cloud, on premise or as a blended deployment containing a mix of on premise and cloud users. Customers enjoy the same complete functionality, business processes and user experience regardless of how their QAD Enterprise Applications solutions are deployed.
  7. DynaSys acquisition delivers cutting edge Supply Chain Management (SCM) functionality – Ariel Weil, general manager of DynaSys, a division of QAD, highlighted advanced demand and supply chain planning solutions users will soon be able to take advantage of.
  8. Cebos acquisition delivers new Quality Management Systems (QMS) functionality – Recent addition to the QAD team Bob Herdoiza, president of CEBOS, a division of QAD, introduced new capabilities to support Quality Management, Regulatory Compliance and Regulatory Control. Stay tuned for more details on how you will be able to leverage these capabilities.
  9. Emerging trends – Tony Winter, chief technology officer at QAD, delivered insights into emerging trends like BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), and how QAD products will help you leverage them — featuring the latest in mobile ERP, business process management (BPM), Big Data and other technologies.
  10. QAD 2013 Global Partner Award Winner – Strategic Information Group was recognized as QAD’s North American Channel Partner of the Year at Explore. Look for more about QAD Enterprise Applications 2013 and evolving trends in enterprise computing in future issues of Strategic Unleashed. And save the date for QAD Explore 2014, May 5 – 8 in New Orleans!