We can all agree that 3D printing has potential for massive benefits for the medical device industry, but Bart Reitter, Director of Life Sciences at QAD, argues that it has not yet reached its full potential.

3D Printing And The Medical Device Industry

Don’t get him wrong, the progress that the medical device industry has made in the world of 3D printing is nothing to laugh at. From x-ray tubes and pacemakers, to CT scanners and mobile electrocardiogram monitors, the medical device sector has always embraced innovation with the goal of improving and saving lives. Bart argues that when talking to medical device customers about their challenges, often they are concerned with their products becoming commoditized, blurring the lines between highly-regulated medical devices and consumer products. Others worry that it will be harder to differentiate their products among the competition.

Although the possibilities of 3D printing benefits in the medical device industry seem endless, Bart argues that there are four big reasons why a new day hasn’t fully dawned on the industry. Read about them in his recent article in Qmed, “Why 3D Printing Hasn’t Reached Its Medtech Promise.”

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Meet Bart

Bart is a 20-year veteran of the enterprise software industry with a deep focus in life sciences. When he’s not heading up QAD’s life sciences global strategy, you can find him playing lead guitar in a classic rock cover band or spending time with his adorable daughters. Connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter.