Starting up a new company with looming customer contracts is no easy task. This is where Plasan Carbon Composites found themselves as they were about to start a new company with two major Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) customers (General Motors and Chrysler) already in place. Plasan, being a manufacturer of carbon fiber automotive components, realized that they were in need of an ERP system that would not only meet their current needs, but also those of a growing and expanding business. Because they had major OEM customers to please, they knew they had to move quickly, but effectively to be successful.

Needing A New ERP System, Fast

The Plasan team started investigating cloud ERP options when QAD Cloud ERP rose to the top of their list. “QAD is a major power in the automotive sector and their Cloud ERP is a well established product,” commented Phillip Austin, Plasan’s QAD Systems Manager. “Knowing QAD’s reputation and having worked with the company in the past — it was an easy choice.”

In addition to implementing their new ERP system, many other things were happening with Plasan. They were just setting up a brand new plant, so in addition to working out factory floor logistics, the Cloud ERP system was being put into place at the same time. There was a critical deadline to satisfy both GM and Chrysler contracts.

Plasan upgrades to cloud ERP“We needed to be up and running quickly, so we focused on tracking production, financials, purchasing, and order entry,” noted Austin. “It was invaluable to be able to begin with an ERP implementation that required very little customization. The entire process took less than three months with the QAD Cloud ERP team’s help, while ensuring great options are available for future plans.”

Benefits Of ERP In The Cloud

Plasan enjoyed many benefits of their Cloud ERP system as it has proved to be stable, responsive and with excellent uptime. Little customization makes future upgrades easier, there’s no need for a separate disaster recovery plan and all manual systems are being eliminated and the engineering, maintenance and routing departments are now also being managed through QAD Cloud ERP. Read the full story on Plasan’s move to the cloud.

“If we used on premise ERP we would need to double, triple, even quadruple our ERP team to support our 24/7 operations, plus invest in hardware. Thanks to QAD Cloud ERP that we don’t even have to think about that.” -Phillip Austin, QAD Systems Manager, Plasan

Manufacturing ERP Software in the Cloud

QAD Cloud ERP provides you the freedom to focus on your products and customers without the distraction of administering your ERP. Let us manage your hardware and systems, and enjoy the accelerated journey toward the Effective Enterprise. Learn more about how QAD Cloud ERP can free up your time to focus on what’s most important to you.