Business concept

Businesses today deal with more data and regulations than ever before. Luckily, when used correctly, companies benefit from technology’s increasing power to analyze, report, and internally share data about their products and customers. CRM (customer resource management) and ERP (enterprise resource planning) software and services are designed to give businesses the tools to compile, manage, and learn from information about their business dealings. QAD has spent decades perfecting integrative software specifically for manufacturing businesses. The following will show what sets QAD apart from competitors and makes our methods of system integration different.

Types of Companies Serviced

Companies that manufacture goods are the backbone of the world economy. Unlike companies that focus on customer service or retail of products manufactured by others, manufacturing companies have their own specific needs to run their internal operations smoothly.

QAD targets six manufacturing sectors: consumer products, life sciences, food and beverage, technology, industry, and automotive. With this focus, QAD integration solutions are tailored for the specific needs of these kinds of clients. When it comes to software and services, a one-size-fits-all approach rarely succeeds. To integrate all of the business systems in manufacturing entities, you need to target their specific needs.

Focusing on Finance Applications

In many ERP and CRM software offerings, they have strengths (say, ease of use for employees), but don’t deliver in all areas. A specific need in manufacturing is strong financial features that provide analytics and reporting. Manufacturing companies often have many accounts for different departments that need to be reported separately and in the same set of data. When you’re looking at how each department of your company is spending and balancing the books, you’ll come to a faster understanding of what’s going on if you have access to powerful software tools to break down or compare/contrast expenses.

International Functions

Many manufacturing companies are multinational or have components overseas. QAD application software has been translated into over 30 languages. If a specific country has requirements for reports, the software can be customized to use these and show multiple types of payment methods.QAD system integration QAD system integration helps manufacturing companies balance their books, whether they’re in the US, Asia, or anywhere else on the globe.