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About Aviva

A pioneer in developing detection antibodies, Aviva Systems Biology Corp. releases more than 200 new antibodies monthly and offers antibodies for more than 7,000 different protein targets for research and diagnostic applications. If scientists don’t know where to look for a specific antibody, they go to Aviva.

Fulfilling Science’s Antibody Needs

Addressing a global market

Founded in 2002, Aviva provides the research community around the globe with a wide assortment of antibodies that can be used to determine causes of cancer, degenerative diseases and other immunology. Its headquarters is in San Diego, and it has a manufacturing site in China in addition to three subsidiaries.

Product diversity fuels growth

Competition and greater customer demand for support forced Aviva to expand its internal product testing and antibody varieties to fuel its growth. The company catalogs more than 650,000 unique units in the U.S. alone.

Acquisition prompts change
Realizing its existing QuickBooks and Fishbowl systems couldn’t meet its multi-subsidiary needs when it acquired GenWay Biotech, Aviva implemented NetSuite ERP, giving it a single cloud-based system for financial management and inventory management to access data in real-time from anywhere.

Joining the fight against cancer
With a single system for its three subsidiaries, Aviva is now focused on building out a customized antibody business and implementing demand planning to streamline operations and improve profit margins while helping in the fight to research and cure cancer.

Aviva Systems Biology Fulfills Science’s Antibody Needs

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