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How an Automotive Manufacturer Meets EDI Requirements While Concentrating On Core Business

When an automotive supplier finds themselves spending significant time meeting the mission-critical requirement of exchanging error-free Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) information with the major carmakers, how can they focus on their products? Being innovative and producing high-quality products are a must to remain viable in the automotive industry, but the increased technology and headcount [...]

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Has 3D Printing Reached Its Medtech Promise?

We can all agree that 3D printing has potential for massive benefits for the medical device industry, but Bart Reitter, Director of Life Sciences at QAD, argues that it has not yet reached its full potential. 3D Printing And The Medical Device Industry Don’t get him wrong, the progress that the medical device industry has [...]

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The Medical Device Industry Faces Many Challenges

As we look to the future, the medical device industry faces a world of opportunity. New markets continue to emerge, the enactment of legislation like the Affordable Care Act has introduced new patient populations and existing patients continue to drive the need for novel solutions. The much maligned medical device excise tax has been [...]

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Automotive Supply Chain Risk Management

A wide range of business-critical risks face today’s automotive supplier. Typical risks include material shortages, catastrophic property losses from unforeseen events, supply chain interruptions, IT failures and more. Do you have risk management strategies in place for such events? For tier 1 suppliers, the lack of transparency and control among sub-suppliers adds even more [...]

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