QAD helps manufacturers rapidly respond and plan for disruptions to their business or industry in order to thrive as Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprises. Traditional tactics, processes and systems can often hinder a company’s ability to respond to change. QAD delivers rapid, agile and effective cloud ERP solutions for manufacturers to focus on the disruptions they face today and provide the flexibility to address future challenges.

QAD Next-Generation ERP

The ever-increasing pace of change drives the imperative for manufacturers to become Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprises. Traditional tactics, processes and strategies will no longer meet the challenges of tomorrow’s business environment. Big Enterprise Resource Planning solutions burden manufacturers with long and complex implementations, unpredictable costs, and rigidity. To meet evolving business requirements and rapidly respond to change, manufacturers need a next-generation ERP solution.

Next-generation ERP is more than just software; it combines industry best practices, a flexible platform, an adaptive user experience (UX), with advanced technology capabilities to enable digital transformation. QAD delivers best-in-class next-generation cloud ERP that helps manufacturers to leverage disruption for competitive advantage.

QAD Adaptive ERP

Change is constant. Global manufacturers need to quickly respond to changing customer preferences, unpredictable supply chains and a variety of business environment disruptions. To survive and thrive, global manufacturers need modern solutions to help them effectively respond to change.

Traditional ERP was not designed to support change and cannot adapt at the speed required by today’s business environment. Manufacturers using older ERP often rely on costly customizations that require considerable time to implement and maintain. Customizations interfere with upgrading and can lock manufacturers into outdated versions.

In today’s business climate, manufacturing ERP needs to help companies respond to change, delivering fit over time by rapidly supporting new business requirements.

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