Date & Location
November 12-14, 2019; 2025 Gateway Place, Suite 390, San Jose, CA

This course is designed to cover the basics of preparing to implement the Purchase Order Management functions of QAD Enterprise Applications. The course includes:

  • An introduction to the Purchase Order module
  • An overview of key business issues
  • Setting up the Purchase Order module
  • Operating the Purchase Order module
  • Setup and processing Blanket Orders and Requisitions
  • Activities and exercises throughout the course let students practice key concepts and processes in the Purchase Order module
  • Set up and Processing of Supplier Schedules and Subcontract
  • Introduction to the Supply Chain Portal

Course Objectives
By the end of this course students should learn how to:

  • Analyze some key business decisions before setting up the Purchase Order module
  • Set up and operate the Purchase Order module

Implementation consultants, members of implementation teams, and key users Purchasing Managers

Course Length
3 Days

Cost of Class

$1595 per attendee

Registration Closes

October 25, 2019

Special Instructions for Students