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Clean Tech companies have enough business challenges today with scaling their technology to meet with market demands and ERP doesn’t need to be one of them. You need an ERP business system that can help you compete and provide you with a solid infrastructure to grow your business and keep important quality standards and manufacturing procedures in place.

QAD ERP solutions are specialized for Cleantech companies. We have worked with a number of Cleantech customers across the country to help them prepare for commercialization and growth, such as:

  • Saft Batteries — Valdosta, GA — Li-ion hybrid car batteries (Ford)
  • Brammo — Ashland, Oregon — Electric motorcycles sold at Best Buy
  • SunPower — San Jose, CA — Solar cell manufacturer
  • Be Green Packaging — Santa Barbara, CA — Tree-free compostable packaging materials
  • AgraQuest — Davis, CA — Green alternatives to pesticides

Give your business a competitive edge to succeed with QAD’s ERP:

  • Whether you are developing renewable energy, alternative energy, transportation or environmental systems we have advanced manufacturing solutions and deep functionality to reduce costs, assist with manufacturing planning and minimize time to market.
  • Manage your sales and operations planning and forecasting to address the dynamic and rapidly evolving environment associated with the Cleantech market.
  • Take advantage of our flexible deployment model to access your ERP system online, on the road or in the office.

Strategic offers QAD Cleantech software packages with specialized services offerings to get your ERP up and running in as little as 6 weeks. We offer attractive financing options that help you get the solution you need today, to support your company’s future growth. For additional information on how QAD can benefit your company visit www.strategic.com/startups