Managed QAD Services (mSERV)

Utilize Strategic mSERV professionals to manage your entire QAD ERP environment and reduce risk while lowering operational costs.

MSERV: Technical Experts at Your Service

Let Strategic Information Group’s Managed Services team handle your QAD ERP system for you. Our professionals are available 24/7/365 to manage your system processes, efficiency, stability, and performance. This will free up your internal resources to focus on critical business challenges.

MSERV - Managed DBA Services for QAD ERP by Strategic Information Group

Qualified Specialists for Less

Our team is SOC1, Type 2 accredited and will effectively manage regulatory issues while keeping you informed through regular reporting. All this for less than it would cost to hire a quality team member.

mSERV 24/7 Services Include:

Customers Give mSERV a 98.8% Customer Satisfaction Score

SIGSERV For Managed Environments, Disaster Recovery, and More

Strategic’s SIGSERV team provides managed services to manufacturers. Services include:

Let us take care of QAD while you take care of business

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