Cardiff-by-the-Sea, CA, October 28, 2013 – Strategic Information Group (Strategic), a full service provider of enterprise technology, quality and regulatory management solutions, announced today that medical technology developer Asante Solutions (Asante) has successfully gone live, on time and on budget, with QAD Enterprise Applications 2013 Enterprise Edition (QAD 2013 EE) in a validated environment that meets U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements.

Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, Asante designs, manufactures and distributes the Snap insulin pump. The Asante Snap Insulin Pump is designed to be an easy-to-use system for those on intensive insulin therapy. In developing the Snap, Asante scrutinized and improved each step of the pumping process, from filling the pump to the user interface to detecting occlusions to pricing. The resulting Snap Insulin Pump lets patients spend less time working on their pumps and more time enjoying their lives. More product details are available at

“As more people with diabetes turn to the convenience and stability that insulin pumps provide, medical device manufacturers like Asante have the opportunity to serve a tremendous number of people,” said Eric Steuben, Vice President of Operations for Asante. “We believe QAD Enterprise Applications Enterprise Edition and Strategic’s QAD expertise can scale with us as our demand grows.”

The Asante Snap provides a unique design that eliminates the need for users to manually reload their pumps with insulin and prime them for use. Patients simply replace spent insulin cartridges with new, pre-filled ones. This innovation saves people with diabetes valuable time and enhances their ability to control their blood glucose levels and insulin intake. Users can spend less time and effort managing their diabetes, and more time living their life.

“The QAD ERP solution helps Asante both meet growing demand for the pumps and replacement cartridges, and track the history of these components from the supplier to the patient and back to our recycling program,” said Steuben. “With Strategic, we get great support and focused, specialized expertise to fully leverage QAD Enterprise Applications Enterprise Edition.”

Asante offers a returns program to take back expended insulin cartridges and safely recycle the materials. Asante will rely on QAD Enterprise Applications Enterprise Edition to track and trace functionality to manage returns from patients who choose to participate in the recycling program, as well as to ensure safe recycling and disposal of materials.

“If we didn’t have the embedded traceability capabilities in QAD Enterprise Applications, it would be very difficult to manage this program,” said Steuben.

The Strategic team brought the project from planning to go-live in just 4 months, deploying Strategic’s Software Validation Master Plan (SVMP) to ensure fast, accurate validation. Asante’s initial QAD Enterprise Applications implementation focused on QAD’s MRP functionality and QAD Financials. Next, Asante plans to streamline its shipping processes by rolling out the shipping interface in Strategic’s QAD Integration Suite, which integrates the QAD shipping process with FedEx, UPS and USPS approved providers.

“Strategic’s knowledge of QAD Enterprise Applications and expertise with system validation ensure that Asante can leverage our new ERP solution to meet our business goals,” said Steuben. “The QAD solution enables us to successfully execute our three top priorities: Product Quality, On Time Delivery, and Cost Management. As a provider of life sustaining devices, product quality is paramount – we need to track the history of every component from our suppliers, through manufacturing, and ultimately to the patients who benefit from the therapy. We need to be able to remediate issues quickly, guarantee consistent on-time delivery and effectively manage our costs as we grow.”

“QAD Enterprise Applications and related services and solutions from Strategic give companies like Asante a cost-effective, industry-specific ERP solution that helps them scale to meet growing demand and ensure that they meet compliance requirements,” said Doug Novak, president and CEO of Strategic. “Strategic is proud to have the opportunity to work with the Asante team and help them further the company’s mission of delivering sensible solutions for people living with diabetes.”

Strategic provides specialized software validation products and consulting services in support of QAD applications to companies looking to better leverage their ERP investment. Strategic’s SVMP helps with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) validation requirements, streamlining validation for regulatory compliance, and allowing companies to implement and upgrade QAD applications with speed and ease.

About Asante Solutions, Inc.
Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, Asante Solutions, Inc. is a privately-held medical device company developing simple solutions for diabetes.

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