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AzureOE is a data replication solution that provides quick access to data from your Progress OpenEdge-based QAD ERP system to a single or multiple SQL cloud databases.  Secure and reliable, AzureOE eliminates dependencies on OpenEdge technology and resources while providing peace of mind knowing all global and compliance requirements are met.  Plus, you’ll enjoy added Azure Cloud benefits such as built-in disaster recovery and excellent scalability for future expansion. Contact us to find out more!

Unlock the Power of Your QAD Data with AzureOE

  • Guaranteed Delivery
    • OpenEdge to Azure Message is not removed from the replication queue until successfully persistent to the Azure Event Hub
  • Transaction Safe and Highly Secure
    • If a transaction is rolled back in QAD, the message will not be sent to the Azure Event Hub
    • Communication is encrypted and processed through AMQP (Advanced Messaging Queue Protocol) and SAS (Shared Access Signatures
    • Compliance with ITAR, GDPR, HIPPA, CPI, DSS
  • Powerful Performance and Easy Installation
    • Benchmarks show more than 600,000 messages successfully sent per hour from OpenEdge to SQL Server
    • Data Definitions, Database Triggers and AzureOE Compliled Code in a new OpenEdge Stateless AppServer
  • Cloud First Benefits
    • Enjoy highly available, immediate disaster recovery options
    • Realize scalable flexibility to add new resources and functionality as needs arise
    • Rest easy knowing data is secure — encrypted during transfer and at rest with latest protocols
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A recent data connectivity report benchmarks how organizations are handline the rapidly changing landscape of disruptive data sources and uncovers the challenges they face.  Among them are the need for real-time hybrid connectivity, driven by rapid cloud adoption, along with the challenge of integrating cloud data with on-premise data.  Contact us today and discover how Strategic can help you overcome data connectivity challenges to thrive and compete effectively.

Strategic made some bold claims about AzureOE as a Progress to Azure SQL replication tool and the claims have held true.  The product has met our expectations and everyone at Strategic has been great to work with.  We highly recommend this product to companies wanting to better integrate or analyze their QAD data.

Hugh Bartels, IT Manager, ITW Drawform