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Complex data exports from your QAD application to external systems just got easier…


Improve the accuracy, effectiveness and speed of your data exports from QAD to external systems with the Dynamic Data Exporter.

Whether you need to export your QAD Financials to an affiliate company for import into their system, or you want to make use of third party best-of-breed applications with QAD, the Dynamic Data Exporter makes it easier to create and manage complex data exports:

  • You can choose from a wide range of built-in transformations that include sophisticated lookup table mappings; the application also supports user-defined transformations.
  • You don’t need to manually change dates, periods or domains when running queries whose parameters change at run time.
  • Your data is consistently delivered in the required format, to the right location.

Key Capabilities Include:

  • Create profiles with the system-supplied dynamic query parameters for dates, GL periods, domains, and more – or define your own dynamic parameters at the export level.
  • Import large lookup table mappings from a CSV File or leverage other built-in handling of lookup table transformations.
  • Vary export options by: date format, decimal and thousands separators, rounding, decimal places, automatic LF/CR character removal, output directory, FTP directory and more.
  • Automatically summarize queried data based on any fields you choose.
  • Output files can be generated as fixed length files, delimited files, XML or any other format required (supports custom outputs). File naming supports dynamic parameters and can vary as required.
  • Automatically FTP output files to external sites if required.

QAD Compatibility

  • Net UI 2.1 or Later
  • QAD 2008 Enterprise Edition or later; QAD 2008 Standard Edition or later
  • Some earlier versions of QAD; contact your Strategic account manager to confirm
“The Dynamic Data Exporter takes all the messy, time consuming work out of extract and delivery, and encapsulates it into a highly configurable interface. Changes can be developed on a quicker time frame as most cases require only configuration changes, not code changes. The ability to extract data from QAD without the need to process it through QXtend increases performance and reduces delivery time. My developers are freed up to focus on the business solution and more complex, value-add projects.”
Paul Brownell, Senior Systems Architect, Physio-Control