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Enterprise Banking Solution (EBS)

Our Enterprise Banking Solution extends QAD Adaptive ERP to improve the efficiency and productivity of your organization’s accounting team by automating QAD financials and expediting banking transactions.  Save time and money while ensuring more accuracy and less risk.  Contact us to find out more!

graphic showing complete automation of financial processes

Fortify Your QAD Financials with EBS

  • Save time and money with automation of financial processes
    • Automate banking transactions
    • Notify suppliers of ACH/Wire payments with auto-generated emails
    • Ensure accuracy of financial files with hands-off transfers
  • Mitigate the risk of fraud and error
    • Reduce manual interaction with financial files
    • Improve accuracy with built-in validation processes
  • Gain insights for better business decisions and to improve operational efficiency
    • View complete audit trails on supplier banking information
    • Experience intuitive interface and simple user-friendly workflows
    • Enjoy the flexibility to add new functionality as needs arise

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