Medical Device manufacturers have to contend with managing inventory in the field otherwise known as “Trunk Stock”. Additionally, during an operation, a physician typically uses 25 percent or less of the products in an implant surgical kit. The products that aren’t used must be sent back to a stocking point, cleansed and sanitized and missing components must be replaced. This trunk stock and consignment inventory management can be a very time consuming activity with many opportunities for errors.

Strategic has addressed this issue and offers a bolt-on app for QAD called “Mobile Trunk Stock App” that automates trunk stock and consignment processes in the field using mobile devices such as iPad®, iPhone®, and Android® devices. The application automates the manual processes associated with ordering, transferring, shipping, and replenishment of consignment inventory. It also provides for visibility and management of all consignment inventory (including leased and loaner inventory) – it can be implemented very quickly in as little as a couple of days.

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Consists of Four Programs

  1. Trunk Stock Configuration Maintenance
  2. Trunk Stock Sales Order Maintenance
  3. Trunk Stock Shipment Processing
  4. Trunk Stock Auto Replenishment

Trunk Stock Module Compatibility

  • Available for both SE and EE versions of QAD

Trunk Stock Consulting Services Include

  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Training
  • Validation

Deployment Options

  • The Mobile Trunk Stock App can be deployed in the field on mobile devices or in the office in a client/server model.

Key Capabilities

  • Seamlessly moves inventory from warehouse to consignment trunk stock location.
  • Creates a neutral financial transaction for trunk stock sales order.
  • Provides visibility of all consignment inventory including leased and loaner inventory.
  • Provides automated consignment replenishment:
    • Automatically creates the replacement order for the item being billed to the designated consignment location.
    • During the billing process the user can identify if the inventory should be auto replaced. If auto replacement is selected, then the program automatically creates the replenishment order for the proper consignment location.
  • Allows for custom trunk stock shipment processing:
    • Shipping department processes the consignment orders as normal shipments, no second process for consignment.
    • Processes the receipt into the representative/hospital location for consignment sales orders only. Automatically creates the location if one does not exist.
  • Utilizes standard QAD reports and browses.
  • Is Mobile! The Mobile Trunk Stock App for QAD is designed to be used in the field by sales persons on mobile devices including the iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.