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SIGConnects Family

Our prebuilt QAD Integration solutions save customers multiple hours per week re-keying data into their QAD Enterprise Applications. Over 350 customers around the globe use SIGConnects to meet their QAD integration needs.


SIGConnects/Migration is a data conversion toolset making data conversion fast and easy. It provides quicker uploads and far more sophisticated error detection, traceability and reporting facilities than the standard CIM capabilities. Preset definitions are provided for virtually every dataset to be converted in a normal QAD implementation. Software development time vs. traditional CIM file formatting is reduced by two thirds.

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In addition to the capabilities of SIGConnects/Migration, this generic interface toolset enables the integration of third party or legacy applications with QAD. Our complete interface infrastructure includes automated background processing, error suspension, correction and re-submission.  In use in customer environments in over a hundred unique interfaces, SIGConnects/Interface is the basis for several QAD 3rd party integration products including SIGConnects/Agile, SIGConnects/Radley.


This special adaptation of SIGConnects/ Interface provides a complete interface to Agile Software’s Agile Anywhere. Agile Software products,, Agile Anywhere and AgileBuyer, manage product content, as well as automate critical communication, collaboration, and commerce transactions among OEMs, EMSs, suppliers and customers, as manufactured products are introduced in internet time.


This special adaptation of SIGConnects/ Interface provides a complete interface to Arena Software’s on demand Product Lifecylce Management (PLM) solution.


This full function software toolset incorporates all the features of the SIGConnects/Qmap product and additionally provides for error suspension, error correction and resubmission. It can provide immediate QAD updating with update confirmation processing. In addition to the 85 plus QAD transactions that are pre-defined, over 30 pre-defined look-forward edits are provided for your use. Support for any-to-any mapping requirements allows you to connect virtually any eCommerce software to your backbone system whatever that might be. SIGConnects/Commerce may be implemented with messaging middleware support such as IBM’s MQSeries, MSMQ, or other middleware software. XML to QAD in hours not weeks.time.


This special adaptation of SIGConnects/Interface provides the interface between QAD and Royal4’s WISE, the Warehouse Information System Expert – a flexible, rules based, GUI, warehouse management system (WMS). It utilizes RF devices, and barcodes to supply real-time coordination and control of all warehouse personnel, product, and space. WISE increases productivity and maximizes the efficiency of all tasks from the receiving dock, warehouse floor, to the shipping door.


Real-time interfaces to QAD in a non-invasive fashion are supported by this implementation of the common mapping engine of the SIGConnects family. The net effect is a published API that can be invoked on a real-time basis from an external system supporting Java on UNIX or NT and C-code on NT.


This member of the SIGConnects family works seamlessly with QAD’s Q/LinQ product. It includes the ability to map input and output formats in XML, Data Tag Format, and QAD Triplets and to generate CIM. It supports XML DTDs (OAGIS BODs, RosettaNet PIPs) and comes with over 85 pre-defined QAD transactions. Qmap is invoked using QAD’s published Q/LinQ APIs making this an alternative mapper for Q/LinQ.


• Common Mapping Engine
• QAD Version Independent
• 85+ Preset Definitions
• Support from V7.4+
• Highly Productive and Easy to Use
• Readily Extensible/Non-Invasive