Strategic Recruiting Services for QAD help you work smarter

Are you looking to hire a resource with QAD specific skills and experience? Is your company growing in a different geography or line of business? Is your recruiting team overwhelmed with current searches? Do you require a highly specialized skillset search outside the current scope of your HR or recruiting team?

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That’s when you need Strategic Recruiting Services for QAD. For positions that require specialized QAD knowledge and expertise, we can help you spend less time and money recruiting and hiring the best full-time employees for your business.

We provide contingency, fee-based candidate search and service for key full-time, permanent positions. We’ll create job definitions and job descriptions, and source, recruit, and vet candidates. In addition, our recruiters help guide and manage the interview and hiring processes.

Dedicated Strategic recruitment staff act as an extension of your company, without the overhead associated with a full-time recruitment employee. We become as familiar with your environment and business needs as your own employees. And if you already have in-house recruiting expertise, Strategic can take on sourcing and other routine daily recruitment tasks, giving your in-house recruiters more time to focus on other business needs.

Specialized recruiting for positions that require QAD expertise

Hiring specialized resources with the exact experience and skill sets your company needs can get complicated and expensive. In fact, the process of sourcing and hiring the ideal candidate may cost as much as (or more than) a year of their salary.

When you need an elite, high-performing full-time employee, the process can drag on needlessly or even result in a new hire that just isn’t the right fit. And, for your staff who may not be human resources (HR) or recruiting professionals, recruiting can be a distraction from their “real” jobs and critical contributions to the business.

With Strategic Information Group (Strategic) as your recruiting partner, it’s easier, faster and less costly to find the right employee, with the right skills, at the right time. With access to our recruitment experts and position descriptions, you’ll reduce or eliminate upfront expenses normally associated with sourcing and hiring the right candidate.

Current Recruiting Opportunities for QAD Customers

Currently open (Q1 ’17) positions include – currently eligible positions only. Interested candidates should contact Laurie Nielsen at for further details, employer and technology-specific details.  No third parties, please.

  • EDI Specialist, Florence, South Carolina area, QAD experience and Perl programming required.
  • Plant Accountant, 3+ years cost/manufacturing accounting experience, QAD experience as well as biomedical or medical manufacturing desired. Full time, Anaheim, CA area.
  • Production Planner, western Michigan area, local candidates and QAD experience preferred.
  • Northern Detroit, part time, long-term Technical Project Lead for QAD upgrade and ongoing support
  • North-central Detroit, full time Senior Business Analyst for multi-site QAD project
  • Columbus, Ohio, QAD implementation and support specialist, full time
  • QAD expertise, full time roles in Manufacturing, Purchasing, Supply Chain, New England state or Tennessee

Services Performed

  • Job definition and job description creation
  • Sourcing, recruiting, and vetting candidates
  • Guidance and management of the interview and hiring process
  • Technical interviews and evaluation by Strategic resources
  • Candidate search and service for key full time, permanent positions that require QAD knowledge/expertise

Key Benefits

  • Strategic is a reputable partner with over 20 years of experience in the QAD space
  • We have a national network of professional resources and talent
  • Our professional and established recruiting services utilize current and diverse recruiting sources
  • Strategic recruiters are capable of evaluating skill sets and expertise in all verticals
  • We post open positions on to gain additional traction and publicity
  • You’ll pay less than competing market rates for contingency, fee-based sourcing and recruiting