Make ERP Disaster Recovery Plans Before Ransomware Attacks

Make ERP Disaster Recovery Plans Before Ransomware Attacks Ransomware attacks are ever-present, making planning ahead for ERP disaster recovery a critical step for every organization. Take this year. Attacks have ticked up in 2020 as businesses become ever-more reliant on remote work. Q1 2020 saw a 25% increase in overall attacks, 1 while the average [...]

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10 Tips to Uplift your ERP to the Cloud

Are you considering cloud-based ERP systems for manufacturing? ERP in the cloud offers a low cost, high performance alternative to on-premise enterprise software – with less effort and risk. Today’s cloud-based ERP solutions securely and reliably deliver all the capabilities manufacturers need to improve response time, meet compliance requirements, increase customer satisfaction and drive [...]

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Becoming An Effective Enterprise with ERP

Becoming An Effective Enterprise You may have heard us say how we aim to help all of our customers become an Effective Enterprise, but what does that really mean? At QAD, we pride ourselves on playing a different role than other ERP vendors. We deliver a collaborative business focused approach to ERP. [...]

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Not Just an ERP Software Vendor

QAD - Who We Are I had the opportunity to sit in on the shoot of a video recently with one of QAD’s first customers of ERP. Showcase videos like this let viewers dive into one of the many unique customers that QAD ERP works with, telling their story and showing their business. It [...]

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You Make Products. We Deliver Cloud ERP.

At QAD and Strategic Information Group (premier QAD NA channel partner), we pride ourselves on providing global manufacturers with the tools they need to succeed such as Cloud ERP; our customers pride themselves on producing their best products and maintaining excellent customer satisfaction. Our customers are shaping the world around us through the production [...]

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Need a New ERP System, Fast?

Starting up a new company with looming customer contracts is no easy task. This is where Plasan Carbon Composites found themselves as they were about to start a new company with two major Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) customers (General Motors and Chrysler) already in place. Plasan, being a manufacturer of carbon fiber automotive components, [...]

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