Two Customers of Strategic Information Group Selected to Present at QAD Explore 2016

This year at QAD Explore 2016, Strategic is proud to announce that two of our customers will be sharing their experiences concerning upgrading from QAD SE to EE and going live with QAD ERP. Walter Little of Second Sight Medical will be talking about a very successful upgrade of their QAD system in 2015, moving [...]

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Intelligent Outsourcing for a Successful ERP Implementation

It’s no secret that too many ERPs fail to live up to expectations – or simply fail altogether. One reason is the mammoth array of skills and competencies an ERP implementation requires to succeed. Driving business transformation through ERP necessitates having a vision for how the business will evolve in the future. To make [...]

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Adventures with Independent ERP Consultants – The Beauty and the Beast

Engaging the services of an independent consultant is often the best approach to making your ERP project succeed. In those cases, it’s a beautiful thing. But sometimes, independent consultants come with baggage that reveals a more beastly side, dooming your project to abject – and costly – failure. Independent ERP consultants are in business [...]

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ERP Mythology: Fairytale, Fib, Fantasy and Fact

Growing enterprises that adopt ERP can reap significant reward for the risk. So why does ERP have such a sketchy reputation? Claims that it’s not up to date, hasn’t changed in twenty-five years, that consultants don’t help, and other outdated myths and fairytales. Today’s ERP solutions are more flexible and agile than ever, and make [...]

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Integrating ERP with Cloud Applications – Front-end Planning Drives ROI

Companies adopt cloud-based initiatives with the goal of creating a strategic platform to deliver increased profitability and customer value. As an application delivery mechanism, the cloud offers significant cost advantages. It can also pose some unique integration challenges. Whether cloud-to-cloud or on-premise-to-cloud, integration has a high impact on the overall success of any cloud-related [...]

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10 Things the Best ERP Implementations Have in Common

The purpose of ERP technology is to support the business processes that support a company’s strategic opportunities. But getting there takes rigorous planning and laser focus. In the many ERP implementations the Strategic team has done, we’ve noticed 10 things the most successful implementations have in common: 1. Know Thyself -- Have a thorough understanding of [...]

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Best practices for ERP implementation teams

Once you’ve finished the ERP selection process, the real fun begins – implementation. With the right strategy, planning and attention to resources, the implementation team will have a smooth ride. These are a few best practices to help your implementation team succeed: Strategic Information Group Lead Nurturing Email Cycle Get in on the ground floor [...]

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