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Does size matter? Are ERP system requirements really that different for smaller companies?

SMB (small-to-medium business) manufacturers – and the SMB segment in general – are getting lots of attention in ERP circles. A common theme is the discussion around whether smaller businesses are unique animals, with unique functionality needs relative to larger enterprises. Many assume all SMBs have fewer processes, are less complex, have less stringent [...]

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Manage “hidden” ERP costs – avoid budget surprises

From selection to implementation to go-live and beyond, an ERP project encompasses so many details, it’s easy to lose track. People have a habit of focusing on just the most obvious elements, like the software or SaaS cost – but there are several major project components that require careful consideration. Here are just a few [...]

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ERP on-site or SaaS – what makes the most sense?

Companies have a multitude of ERP software deployment choices available to them today. Each option offers unique advantages – it’s important to critically evaluate deployment options based on the true cost and benefit to the organization. For example, there are pros and cons to both SaaS and on-site implementations. Here are some tips to help [...]

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5 Tips Help Your ERP Selection Team Succeed

Selecting a new ERP system can be time-consuming and risky — but with the right strategy and processes, you can turn your selection into a positive change. Here are the five tips to help your identify the best solution for your company. 1. Know your goals. Understand the key pain points for your company and the [...]

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