Two Customers of Strategic Information Group Selected to Present at QAD Explore 2016

This year at QAD Explore 2016, Strategic is proud to announce that two of our customers will be sharing their experiences concerning upgrading from QAD SE to EE and going live with QAD ERP. Walter Little of Second Sight Medical will be talking about a very successful upgrade of their QAD system in 2015, moving [...]

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When ERP Kills Businesses: Eight Warning Signs

It’s nearly impossible for typical Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to keep pace with changing business needs. Aging ERP systems create complexity, duplication of effort, and a dangerous lack of visibility into the business. Quality and customer service begin to deteriorate. Any one of these warning signs could mean the death of business performance and [...]

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Stay put, upgrade or replace? That is the ERP question.

Your company’s ERP system is a key part of your IT strategy. And, just as important, it is one of your most critical and sensitive corporate assets. When it comes to evaluating the future of your ERP system, you have three basic options: stay put, upgrade or replace you legacy system. But any ERP investment [...]

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7 Signs You Need a New ERP

Your enterprise system may have reached the point where it is negatively impacting your business when it: Is highly customized, with old functionality that is no longer relevant Costly to maintain Little or no access for mobile devices Doesn’t facilitate effective business processes Hampers user productivity Lacks capabilities necessary to compete and comply Ultimately limits [...]

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Business processes broken? Consider a new ERP

Are your organization’s business processes negatively impacted by your current ERP software solution? Here are some of the telltale signs: Business is saddled with broken, inefficient business processes that were implemented to work around current ERP application Adjust business processes to accommodate old customizations Ad hoc programs that were developed over the years by IT [...]

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