Go paperless with Advanced Repetitive! Learn how to use QADs Advanced Repetitive module to manage the production floor with schedules rather than work orders. See and learn hands-on how you can streamline labor and material planning, control the manufacturing process through quantity-based build schedules and enable rate-based scheduling with finite forward capacity management.

Expected outcome/You will learn
Through a combination of lecture, demonstration, and hands-on practice, students will acquire an understanding of the how the Advanced Repetitive functionality in eb2.1 can manage a variety of manufacturing requirements. This course will show students how to build to a repetitive schedule, run a production line without finite schedules, run a production line with repetitive schedules, forward scheduled to capacity limits and report production and let MRP adjust inventory plans.

Intended Audience
Implementation Consultants, Members of Implementation Teams, Planners, Controllers and Manufacturing Managers.

Basic industry knowledge and some familiarity with QAD is desirable.

Course Length
3 Days