This three-day course covers functionality in the QAD manufacturing and master files modules. It includes initial QAD setup, product structures and formulas, work centers, routings and product change control (PCC). Through a combination of lecture, demonstration, and hands-on practice, students will acquire a basic understanding of the functionality associated with creating and maintaining items, structures and routings and how the modules interrelate with the PCC module.

Intended Audience
Engineers, Implementation Consultants, Members of Implementation Teams, and Key Users.

Expected Outcome/You will learn
Analyze key business decisions before setting up product change control. Seamlessly integrate the requirements of engineering change control management into the planning and manufacturing operations of the business. * Utilize key fields associated with engineering requirements from within the item data, structures and routings modules.

An understanding of basic manufacturing concepts and familiarity with QAD is beneficial.

Course Length
3 days

Special Instructions for Students

Detailed Table of Contents Available Upon Request