Our overview of QAD Manufacturing Operations is designed to help participants achieve a complete understanding of QAD manufacturing operations and functionality. This course covers initial QAD set-up, inventory control, product structures and formulas, shop floor control, work centers, routings, subcontracting, advanced repetitive and work orders. Through a combination of lecture, demonstration, and hands-on practice, students will acquire a thorough understanding of the functionality in each QAD manufacturing operations module, how and when each module is used, and how the modules interrelate.

Intended Audience
Material Managers, Manufacturing Managers, Supply Chain Managers, Planning and Manufacturing system users, VP of Operations and key system users.

Expected Outcome/You will learn
Participants can expect to achieve a complete understanding of the QAD Manufacturing Operations functionality including: Analyzing key business considerations before setting up the product structures, formulas module, work centers, routings and work orders. How to set up and operate the product structures, formulas, departments, work centers, comments, standard operations, routings, processes, work order control and advanced repetitive. How to process Work Orders and subcontract operations. Understanding essential terminology related to QAD manufacturing

An understanding of basic manufacturing concepts is beneficial but not required.

Course Length
3 days

Special Instructions for Students

Detailed Table of Contents Available Upon Request