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With constant pressure to innovate and manage change, cut costs, and comply with both quality standards and industry regulations, manufacturing ERP systems provide the real-time transparency companies need. Whether streamlining operations or scaling to new heights, you know that the right ERP will provide a true competitive advantage. But what happens when your ERP can no longer provide the value it once did due to maintenance price increases, product lifecycle mandates, and lack of support resources?

The State of On-Premise ERP

In these days of spiralling inflation, continued supply chain disruptions, and other market forces impacting the bottom line, you need your critical ERP system to not only be performing optimally but also be delivering the efficiencies and agility your enterprise needs to thrive — all at a reasonable cost. We understand that recent changes in support and maintenance for your ERP have left you feeling frustrated and dissatisfied.

You’re not alone. Many of our clients have expressed similar concerns. But we want you to know that there are options available to you that will ensure your system is delivering on technical performance while also providing the functionality you need to stay ahead of the competition, at a manageable cost.

The benefits of effective enterprise management with ERP are well-documented. Improved operational effectiveness through synchronized workflows and data across key areas of the business is an essential requirement of ERP, delivering measurable reductions in expenses as well as improvements to customer and employee satisfaction. With today’s tight labor market and customer expectations rising daily, it’s quite a triumph to attribute higher market share and better employee retention to the ERP system. But even with the immense potential benefits an ERP system can provide, there can be considerable complexity and potential pitfalls. Recent changes in support for your on-premise ERP may have left you frustrated and uncertain about receiving the optimum return on your ERP investment. Does the cost of upgrading make sense for your business right now? Is it time to migrate your ERP to the Cloud?

The key to achieving continuous long-term value from your ERP system is to partner with a service provider with the longevity and trusted reputation you require for peace of mind. A good provider will offer a deep technical understanding of ERP, expert knowledge of your industry, and the unique challenges that ERP can address.

At Strategic we provide manufacturers with the technical and functional ERP assistance they need to help meet their business goals via successfully implemented solutions. Our services range from implementations and upgrades, to advisory consulting, integrations, and customizations. Whether you need to navigate unexpected issues or improve operations across multiple business units, Strategic has the longevity, trust, and experience you require.

When Manufacturing ERP Services Make Sense

So much about Enterprise Resource Planning depends on how your chosen solution is implemented and configured. Sadly, too many manufacturing ERP systems are not operating to their fullest. That’s why Strategic offers a broad range of manufacturing ERP services spanning everything from one-time usage assessments and system health checks, to ongoing system monitoring and services. Strategic has decades of experience honing ERP solutions for customers using what we believe to be one the best cloud-based ERP systems for manufacturing, QAD.

The ROI that on-premise ERP brings and has been providing….is being threatened by increased maintenance costs, lack of support resources, and product lifecycle mandates forcing changes you may not be ready to make. Coupled with the state of the economy, we understand your fear and uncertainty. Let Strategic help you understand your options to mitigate that uncertainty, and leave you with technology and support for continued ERP value.

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