Mobile Trunk Stock

Consignment inventory management (mobile trunk stock) can be time consuming and error prone. Strategic’s Trunk Stock Module for QAD and the companion Mobile Trunk Stock App deliver the efficiency boost your manufacturing business needs.

Consignment Inventory Management Done Better

Medical device manufacturers face two inventory challenges with consignment inventory: managing inventory in the field or “trunk stock” and managing unused products from a surgical kit. Field salespeople or hospitals may stock trunk stock, while partial kits must be sent back for repackaging. Manual tracking is difficult and inaccurate, so Strategic developed a bolt-on solution for QAD to provide fast and accurate consignment inventory management.

Mobile Trunk Stock Simplified

Strategic offers two solutions for tackling the problem of trunk stock: the Trunk Stock Module for QAD and the Mobile Trunk Stock Mobile App. The mobile app reduces errors associated with ordering, transferring, shipping, and replenishing inventory in the field and is available for iOS and Android devices. Both the module and the mobile app are compatible with Standard and Enterprise editions of QAD and include four programs:

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