Sunshine Act

Meeting federal regulatory standards is always a time-consuming task, especially for manufacturers required to log and report annually for the Sunshine Act. Lighten the load with Strategic’s ERP Sunshine Act Compliance Module, built specifically for QAD. 

Simplify Sunshine Act Compliance 

Manufacturers of drugs, devices, biologicals or medical supplies covered by Medicare, Medicaid, or the Children’s Health Insurance Program are required to report annually about payments or transfers they make to physicians and teaching hospitals. To streamline this process, Strategic has created a Sunshine Act Compliance Module to assist manufacturers in creating the records they need to comply with the National Physician Payment Transparency Program (NPPTP) Open Payments. With it, companies can: 

Trust Experts to Guide Your Sunshine Act Compliance 

Strategic also offers consulting services to help organizations achieve Sunshine Act compliance using their QAD ERP. Services include: project management, supplier mapping, historical data loading and testing, assistance submitting data to the CMS, and more.  

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