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Our customers count on us to help them grow their businesses, drive ROI, and compete successfully in the global marketplace.


When it comes to leveraging enterprise technology to meet today’s market challenges, manufacturing businesses from start-ups to multinationals and market leaders in all areas of manufacturing, call on Strategic Information Group.

Gain the insights you need to fuel your business from the team at Strategic!

Why Choose Strategic?

For nearly 30 years, Strategic Information Group has been an undisputed leader in Enterprise Resource Planning services and software solutions that are designed specifically for the needs of manufacturers. We make customers successful by offering:

Whether you’re a global corporation looking to streamline operations or a lean startup ready to expand, Strategic Information Group can implement and service robust and scalable Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions for your company. We’ll help you continue to leverage your ERP system as a competitive advantage enabling your company to grow and thrive.

“I have learned to explicitly trust Strategic to help me design, implement, monitor, secure, and pre-emptively foresee and correct possible issues. Their team is ridiculously talented and efficient, and as a result, we have had no outages and zero downtime in the four years we have worked together.”

MH, Director, IT and Business Applications, Miramar Labs

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