Approved Vendor List

Ensure your production materials are ordered from approved suppliers. This Strategic module for QAD ERP enables manufacturers to create and manage an approved vendor list so you can keep quality on track.

Keep Production Moving with this ERP Module

Production delays due to quality issues with purchased materials costs time and money, erodes trust in your suppliers, and puts you at risk of missing deliveries to your customers. Avoid these headaches with the help of Strategic. Our Approved Vendor List (AVL) module ensures purchased products meet your quality requirements, assisting QAD customers by:

Strategic Approved Vendor List for QAD

By capturing critical data in additional “Supplier Data Maintenance” and “Supplier Item Maintenance” fields, the AVL Module is an efficient way to keep manufacturing moving. It’s designed to help you eliminate errors in supply chain ordering and ensure quality materials are always used.

Key Features:

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