Dynamic Data Exporter

Create and manage complex data exports from your QAD application to a wide array of external systems using the Strategic Dynamic Data Exporter.

Simplify Data Extraction and Delivery

Data extraction can be a messy, time consuming process that leaves your business without easy access to the data your operations require. If you’re looking to improve the accuracy and speed of your data exports from QAD, while also improving operational effectiveness, there’s a better way. Strategic Dynamic Data Exporter (DDE) is the integration your manufacturing business needs, empowering you to: 

  • Choose from a wide range of built-in data transformations, including your own
  • Get data automatically converted to the right format, based on your query parameters
  • Rely on data consistently delivered to the right location, in the right form
  • Migrate QAD data from an older version to a newer version
  • Cleanse data through filter conditions and data transformation during data migration

Make Better Use of Your QAD Data 

Strategic Dynamic Data Exporter enables you to easily create and manage complex data exports from your QAD application to a wide variety of external systems, from Oracle, to SAP and many, many more.

Key Features

  • Dynamic query parameters, either user- or system-defined 
  • Automatic data summaries of any fields you choose
  • Built-in or custom data transformations
  • Import large lookup table mappings from CSV files
  • Output files as fixed length files, delimited files XML, or any format required 
  • File naming using dynamic parameters
  • FTP of generated files to external sites 
  • Support for UTF8 codepage when run from batch

QAD Data Formatting Options

  • Date format
  • Decimal separator
  • Thousands separator
  • Rounding level
  • Decimal place selection (up to XX places)
  • Location of negative sign: right or left
  • Automatic removal of LF/CR characters

What’s Included in Dynamic Data Exporter

QAD Compatibility

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The Dynamic Data Exporter takes all the messy, time consuming work out of extract and delivery, and encapsulates it into a highly configurable interface. My developers are freed up to focus on more complex, value-add projects.”

Paul B.
Senior Systems Architect, Physio-Control

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