SIGSERV TECH – Managed QAD Technical Services

Utilize Strategic SIGSERV TECH professionals to manage your entire QAD ERP technical environment and reduce risk while lowering operational costs.

Technical Experts at Your Service

Let Strategic Information Group’s SIGSERV TECH team handle your QAD ERP system for you. Our professionals are available 24/7/365 to manage your system processes, efficiency, stability, and performance. This will free up your internal resources to focus on critical business challenges.

MSERV - Managed DBA Services for QAD ERP by Strategic Information Group

Qualified Specialists for Less

Our team is SOC1, Type 2 accredited and will effectively manage regulatory issues while keeping you informed through regular reporting. All this for less than it would cost to hire a quality team member.

SIGSERV TECH 24/7 Services Include:

Customers Give the SIGSERV Team a 98.8% Customer Satisfaction Score

SIGSERV For Managed Environments, Disaster Recovery, and More

Strategic’s SIGSERV team provides managed services to manufacturers using QAD ERP. Services include:

Let us take care of QAD while you take care of business

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