Prophix Financial Performance Platform

Empower your organization with Prophix financial performance management solutions and reframe everyday challenges into opportunities.  

Prophix Meets ERP 

Strategic has partnered with Prophix to bring the perfect balance of data, people, and processes together into a single, scalable solution so you can focus on what drives real business performance. Prophix One brings all of your insights and processes on a single platform with centralized capabilities like Workflow, User Management, Data Integration, and security. What’s more, with the Strategic Connector, the platform integrates seamlessly with your ERP.  

Benefits of Prophix with Strategic: 


A financial platform with multiple applications for next-gen finance teams:
One portal, one experience, one single version of the truth. All on one financial performance platform.

Are you ready to take your company’s financial performance to new heights?
As the winner of Prophix North America Partner of the Year, Strategic is committed to supporting your manufacturing business in its financial transformation journey.

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