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Manage Your Product Quality with a Preventative Approach

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Strategic Information Group proudly offers QAD EQMS, Enterprise Quality Management System. QAD EQMS is a fully integrated quality management system that provides timely visibility into manufacturing and quality-related issues across the enterprise. Strategic and QAD believe a preventative approach that helps build quality into the process from the product design phase will move organizations from reactive and costly to a culture of prevention.

End-to-End Quality Solution

  • Document Control
    Ensures your team is always working with the latest revisions
  • Training Management
    Ensures training needs are effectively identified and addressed as changes occur in the organization
  • Non-conformance and Corrective Action
    Ensures full support of your company’s dedication to these critical problem-resolution functions
  • Layered Process Audits (LPA)
    Simplifies the entire audit process with a closed-loop system to address process, product, and system audits
  • Risk Management
    Helps prepare risk assessments and treatments to support prioritization and ensure mitigation plans are in place
  • Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP)/Design Control
    Provides capabilities to ensure product introductions are on time, products meet design goals, and industry standards are met
  • Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)
    Ensures the product you receive or ship meets the stated customer requirements
  • Inspection and Statistical Process Control (SPC)
    Captures process information in a central repository to enable rapid evaluation of the data
  • Complaint Management
    Provides a complete system for complaints and resolutions, fully integrated to CAPA
  • Supplier Quality
    Ensures conformance to best practices and supports the planning, execution, and documentation of supplier audits
  • Continuous Improvement
    incorporates continuous improvement suggestions, projects, lessons learned, issue management and meetings into a centralized system to manage this crucial process.
  • Guage Management
    Monitors gauges with a complete calibration and Measurement System Analysis (MSA) tool kit, and ties gauges to inspections and corrective action.

Improve Operating Margins, Customer Satisfaction, and Visibility to Mitigate Risk and Standardize Quality

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