Shipping Compliance

Industries like medical devices, pharma, defense, and aerospace face compliance issues with government agencies and internal customer policies. Managing shipping approvals in sales and shipping processes can be time-consuming and error-prone. Strategic has a solution for QAD called the “Shipping Compliance” module. It allows businesses to identify and restrict inventory products sold/shipped to customers in specific countries, streamlining the process.

The Strategic Shipping Compliance module for QAD automates and streamlines manual processes, so you can focus on growing your business.

The Shipping Compliance module provides the following benefits:

Shipping Compliance workflow map.

The Shipping Compliance module is compatible with a range of QAD editions including SE and EE versions, and there is a new version specifically for companies using QAD’s Adaptive User Experience (AUX) to process sales orders. Note: the QAD Compliance module is required and must be activated for this add-on to function in SE and EE non-AUX versions.

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Strategic offers consulting services to help organizations get up and running with the Shipping Compliance Module. Services include: installation, configuration, training, and validation, saving you time and removing errors from sales order entry and shipping processes.

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