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Remove layers of technical complexity from your EDI ERP configuration and gain a competitive advantage by pairing Strategic’s translation utility SIG EDI, with our fully managed EDI solutions and services. 

EDI ERP Solutions Done Right

Manufacturers recognize the important role EDI and QAD’s eCommerce make to maintaining supply chain efficiency. But managing costs and complexity are key factors too.

If EDI isn’t a core competency for your in-house team, trust Strategic. We offer a comprehensive suite of EDI solutions to fit your needs—no matter how large or small. From our game-changing translation utility, SIG EDI, to fully managed support, to everything in between, Strategic has you covered.

Full-Service EDI

Our EDI experts will reduce the cost, complexity, and time associated with EDI maintenance with a range of EDI solutions and services designed with manufacturers in mind.

Why SIG EDI is Better

Typical EDI configurations include multiple potential failure points, as your QAD Server, eCommerce, and ERP connect with the EDI server, Communication Tool, Translation Tool, and Translation Database. 

Strategic has innovated the EDI ERP configuration, greatly streamlining the model. SIG EDI uses a single map translation to feed EDI directly into QAD’s EDI eCommerce.

SIG EDI Benefits:

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