Actionable Analytics to Improve Supplier Performance

iPurchase Buyer’s Dashboard

by Andrew Weinstein

In the realm of procurement, the demand for real-time data and analytics cannot be overstated. Timely and precise data is pivotal for making informed decisions that can significantly impact an organization’s financial performance. Procurement managers require access to data from diverse sources and systems, harmonized into a clear, actionable format.

Actionable Analytics: The Key to Informed Decisions

Actionable Analytics refers to the process of analyzing data and transforming it into insights and recommendations that can be readily acted upon. It’s not just about collecting data but also about making it actionable, enabling organizations to take concrete steps based on the insights derived from the data. Enter the Buyers’ Dashboard for QAD, an innovative solution that automates a complex ‘QAD process’ that previously demanded extensive time and effort investments.

The Buyers’ Dashboard gives you immediate insight into your entire supplier network, with vital metrics and insights readily accessible.

On January 25th, ISS Group, Strategic Information Group, and Phocas hosted a comprehensive webinar unveiling a brand-new dashboard. This dashboard was meticulously crafted to visually represent data from QAD ERP and ISS Group’s Purchase Requisition Management solution, iPurchaseTM. Its development harnessed the power of Phocas Analytics and Strategics’ Custom Data Connector. The dashboard’s primary aim is to give organizations a concise view of their QAD data, empowering them to make well-informed decisions and take appropriate actions.

Empowering Procurement with Actionable Analytics

We are thrilled to share that Mr. Hector Lopez, Corporate Senior Manager of Supply Chain at MAI Companies (GLA, GSA, IA), delivered an enlightening presentation during the event. Mr. Lopez provided invaluable insights into the pivotal metrics his procurement team will rely on and elucidated the importance of these metrics in shaping a tailored dashboard geared towards optimizing supply chain operations.

Integrated analytics dashboards offer an array of benefits to procurement managers. Armed with real-time data and actionable analytics, managers can make educated decisions to enhance supplier performance, reduce costs, and ensure regulatory compliance. These tools also empower managers to monitor crucial metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs), leading to better-informed decisions that result in cost savings, improved supplier performance and heightened purchasing efficiency.

Key Metrics for Informed Decisions

These metrics encompass areas such as:

  • Current PO Lines Past Due (% of Open PO Lines, #, $)
  • Current Open PO Req Lines
  • PO Lines Received Early, On-Time, Past Due (% of Total PO Lines Received, #, $)
  • # & % of Shipments Received with Non-Conformance Issues (e.g., missing documentation)
  • Average Time to Confirm Receipt of PO
  • Average Days to Receive vs Lead Time (stored in QAD)
  • Invoice Accuracy

The presentation furnished valuable insights to organizations seeking to streamline their data management processes and elevate their decision-making capabilities. It showcased the potential unleashed by the amalgamation of an advanced procurement solution with cutting-edge analytics tools and custom data adaptors, resulting in a comprehensive data visualization solution.

Take-Away: Elevating Procurement with Actionable Analytics

If you’ve grown weary of outdated procurement methods that consume time and energy, it’s time to elevate your approach with procurement visibility and integrated analytics dashboards. Draw inspiration from these industry-specific examples, showcasing how innovative procurement solutions and advanced analytics tools can unveil a crystal-clear and concise view of your data.

Empowered by this newfound clarity, you’ll make astute decisions and take precise actions, culminating in heightened efficiency, cost savings, superior supplier performance, and enhanced visibility.

Continuing Support for Informed Decisions

The webinar extended a unique opportunity to attendees, allowing them to learn from a procurement industry expert and gain insights into designing customized dashboards that optimize supply chain operations. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Mr. Lopez for sharing his wisdom and expertise with us and delivering a captivating presentation.

In conclusion, the webinar was a resounding success, boasting an excellent turnout. We take pride in equipping attendees with valuable information and pragmatic strategies to refine their procurement processes. We eagerly anticipate hosting similar events in partnership with our collaborators, Strategic and Phocas. This venture seeks to provide sustained support to QAD end-user organizations in their endeavors to streamline data management processes and enhance their decision-making capabilities.

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