Avalara partnership

Strategic is now a Certified Implementation and Services Partner for Avalara

Strategic Information Group and Avalara have teamed up to bring the best tax software for businesses that run on QAD.

Do you need assistance managing sales tax and compliance? Are manual processes between states becoming too cumbersome? Are you leaving money on the table or risking audits with mismanagement of Exemption Certificates? Avalara AvaTax software can help, and Strategic can make the implementation fast and painless.

Integrate AvaTax with QAD ERP

Avalara AvaTax automatically calculates sales and uses tax for transactions, invoices, and other activities powered by QAD to save time and reduce errors.

Strategic is now a certified implementation partner to get you up and running fast. We can seamlessly integrate Avalara AvaTax with QAD using a proven, pre-built connector to provide accurate end-to-end compliance with automated sales tax calculation, exemption certificate management, and cross-checking of thousands of rates and rules.

Nexus Laws are Incredibly Complex

Nexus laws and industry compliance changes can be incredibly complex. In many states, even exempt sales, or purchases for your business that were tax-free, can create tax obligations.  Look at this blog from Gail Cole at Avalara, “What If I Buy Tax-Exempt Products For Use in My Manufacturing Business?” to get an idea. Use Tax liability can occur in many ways and tax laws vary from state to state:

AvaTax is the best. It calculates all our rates. We don’t have to worry about it. If we needed to turn on 15 more states tomorrow, we know we could.

Andrea Riviezzo, Inovonics

Avalara and Strategic can help you determine where you’ve triggered economic nexus.

Learn More about Tax Compliance with Avalara

Reach out to a Strategic team member to learn more about how easily AvaTax software can be implemented and integrated with QAD ERP.

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