Unlocking the Power of EDI: How to Maximize Value and Streamline Operations

Are you confident that your EDI systems are running smoothly without regular monitoring or on-premise troubleshooting? EDI, or Electronic Data Interchange, is critical to efficiently execute manufacturing and distribution supply chains. However, complex EDI environments are vulnerable to disruption. To ensure optimal EDI efficiency, accuracy, and speed, it is vital to have a strategy in place supporting communications and data integrity. Strategic Information Group (Strategic) offers comprehensive EDI solutions and support to help you achieve maximum value from your EDI implementation.

The Importance of Uninterrupted EDI Communication

Manufacturers recognize the contribution that EDI and QAD’s eCommerce make to manufacturing supply chain efficiency and success. Keeping productivity high while keeping costs low is key to gaining a competitive advantage. However, EDI is a complex system that requires constant attention. The requirements and rules surrounding EDI can change frequently, both within your own organization and with your trading partners. Many organizations struggle with managing EDI because it is not a core competency and finding external EDI experts can be challenging. Additionally, in-house resources may want to minimize the time spent on ongoing EDI management tasks and reduce the associated costs. This is where Strategic Information Group (Strategic) can help.

SIG EDI: Simplifying Complexity and Reducing Risk

What if you could eliminate a layer of your EDI configuration and save the cost of a 3rd party translator?  Now you can.  Strategic’s SIG EDI is a single map translation utility that removes multiple layered components from a typical EDI configuration. By simplifying the model, SIG EDI decreases complexity, eliminates potential points of failure, and reduces the risk of interruption. This streamlined approach not only ensures uninterrupted EDI communication but also reduces ongoing maintenance costs. With SIG EDI, you can have peace of mind knowing that your EDI system is running at peak efficiency.

eSERV: Complete EDI Peace of Mind

While SIG EDI provides a simplified approach to EDI, Strategic also understands that some businesses prefer to outsource the management of their EDI either partially or completely. That’s where our expert EDI service team, known as eSERV, comes in. The eSERV team is equipped to implement, optimize, monitor, diagnose, and support your EDI environment. By entrusting your EDI management to the eSERV team, you can free up your in-house resources to focus on other strategic initiatives. The eSERV team ensures that your EDI system is running smoothly, minimizing the risk of interruption and providing you with peace of mind.

Comprehensive EDI Solutions

Strategic offers a comprehensive suite of EDI solutions to fit your business needs. These solutions include consulting, training, reporting, and ongoing support, in addition to SIG EDI and eSERV. 

EDI Consulting: Leveraging Expertise for Success

If you are new to EDI or wish to transition from a typical EDI configuration to the game-changing SIG EDI configuration, Strategic EDI consultants are here to help. With extensive expertise in both QAD and EDI, Strategic consultants can recommend the process design and implementation that will best meet your needs. By leveraging this expertise, you can ensure that your EDI implementation is successful and aligned with industry best practices.

EDI Training: Empowering Your Team

To achieve mastery in EDI, it is essential to empower your in-house team with the necessary knowledge and skills. Strategic offers a range of training courses to help your team reach the level of EDI mastery that best suits your needs. From mapping and administration to Gentran, QAD eCommerce, and EDI best practices, their training curriculum covers all aspects of EDI. By investing in training, you can build a team that is well-equipped to handle EDI challenges and drive efficiency in your organization.

EDI Support: Tailored Assistance for Success

Regardless of the expertise of your staff, Strategic can tailor a support package that best serves your team and your budget. The Strategic support team, known for their exceptional customer satisfaction scores, is available to provide the assistance you need to ensure EDI success. Whether you require fully managed service and support or light support on an as-needed basis, Strategic can meet your support requirements.