Art’s Way Manufacturing

How Managed Services Helps Keep a Technology-Dependent Business Thriving

Large equipment manufacturer, Art’s Way Manufacturing, relies critically on their QAD ERP system to keep costs down, push productivity up, and continue to deliver the high quality machinery to which its customers have become accustomed since 1953.  When they began to see gaps in efficiency and un-leveraged functionality, it became necessary to put a more comprehensive ERP service agreement into place.

Having a group of people that have had good experience in QAD – and they’re not afraid to go ask somebody else, ‘Hey, I got this issue’ or ‘I’ve got that issue, what do we do?’ or ‘How can we take care of it?’ – so problems are resolved much quicker.

Gene T.
Director of Manufacturing, Art’s Way Manufacturing

Art’s Way Manufacturing’s internal IT person, whose job was supposed to be improving the solutions that the manufacturer leveraged and cutting down on wasted resources, seemed to be lacking in knowledge. There were frequent obstacles presented by the company’s usage of QAD ERP, that were not easily navigated due to the resource’s unfamiliarity with the system.


Once a network health check was performed, Strategic began to manage the all-important QAD system for Art’s Way. And to help keep these critical QAD databases safe, Strategic implemented after-imaging, which improved backup and ensured data recovery if needed. Under this strategy, Strategic focuses on monitoring the QAD solution, ensuring that Art’s Way Manufacturing can make the most of its use.


With the help of Strategic, Art’s Way Manufacturing has been able to keep their critical solutions maintained and well-managed, catching and resolving potential issues before they can manifest into real problems. Furthermore, the director of manufacturing at Art’s Way, Gene Tonne, was very impressed by the professionalism that was exhibited throughout the business relationship.

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