Webinar: Data-Driven Approval Routing and Workflow Technology for QAD

How to Automate Approval Routing for QAD Business Process Requests Web Presentation: SIG and ISS Group, along with SI Bone will present a demonstration and Case Study on ISS Group’s ‘Data-Driven’ Approval Routing/Workflow Technology. Come see a demonstration of the ISS Group Data-Driven Approval Routing/Workflow Technology and hear how SI-Bone is using this technology [...]

Webinar: How MiTek Achieved 6-Figure Savings with AP Automation

Automate invoice processing and reap the rewards Invoice processing is one area where most companies can improve efficiencies and lower costs. Regardless of size or vertical, automating your accounts payable process empowers your organization to: Eliminate manual data entry Improve accuracy and processing speed Leverage the power of your ERP Watch the recording of [...]

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Webinar: The Future of Financial Reporting and Analysis for Manufacturing

Timely, accurate and accessible financial reporting is here. Using your Business Intelligence data shouldn’t cost a fortune and take a team of experts two years to implement. That barrier is just too steep for most organizations. Good thing there’s a more agile entry point to utilizing your financial data. Give your finance team easy [...]

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Webinar: Strategic ERP Data Integration: Dynamic, Dependable, Uncomplicated

Strategic Information Group has answers for your ERP Data Export and Integration Requirements Complex business requirements are driving the need for accurate data synchronization across multiple operations, various locations, and numerous hybrid platforms. These requirements are changing more rapidly than ever due to acquisitions, new system implementations and corporate growth strategies. The burden of [...]

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Webinar: Corporate Performance Management: Always Important, Now Critical

Corporate Planning is Critical During a Global Crisis Prophix and Strategic Information Group have partnered to bring you Prophix’s innovative Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software. We are experiencing unprecedented and uncertain times. While some companies have seen their business contract, others are rapidly launching new product lines, opening new facilities and taking other measures to [...]

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Webinar: Achieving Maximum Value From EDI

Is Your EDI Communication Stream Safe from Disruption? Strategic Information Group is your answer for Full-Service EDI Solutions and Support. You recognize the contribution that QAD’s eCommerce EDI makes to manufacturing supply chain efficiency and success. Keeping productivity up while keeping costs low is key. Strategic Information Group’s EDI solutions team can help save [...]

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Webinar: Outsource the Management of your QAD systems to the Experts and Get Back to Managing Your Business

Strategic Managed Services (MSERV) is an innovative solution that has been delighting its customers for years by successfully monitoring, maintaining and managing their critical ERP systems. Learn how other companies have leveraged MSERV to take the burden of IT infrastructure, system and database management and support out of house and into the hands of experts [...]

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Webinar: Enterprise Banking Solutions

Enterprise Banking Solution (EBS) EBS can help you save time and money while ensuring more accuracy and less risk. Save time and money with automation of financial processes Automate banking transactions Notify suppliers of ACH/Wire payments with auto-generated emails Ensure accuracy of financial files with hands-off transfers Mitigate the risk of fraud and error [...]

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Recorded Webcast: QAD SSM Mobile Application Demo

Listen to a recorded webcast demonstrating the "Field Desk" mobile app for QAD users who want to learn how to Improve QAD Service and Support Management (SSM) productivity. The Broom Street "Field Desk" mobile app for QAD gives field engineers anywhere, anytime access to relevant information from mobile devices. By bringing the right resources, [...]

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