Webinar: Options to Migrate Your ERP to the Cloud Now

Find the Right Migration Strategy for Your Business

Staying competitive in this new reality of constricted supply chains and rising costs is compelling manufacturers across the spectrum to deeply examine internal business processes. With the ERP being the lifeblood of manufacturing, ensuring your ERP delivers business-critical decision-making data where and when it’s needed is fundamental to success.

Putting off migrating to the Cloud may no longer be an option, as the benefits of Cloud-based ERP—increased user satisfaction, real-time analytics, access from anywhere, and lower operating costs, among others—are invaluable in today’s business environment.

But there is good news! There are more options than ever to take the leap to the Cloud, and in our Thursday, October 6 webinarOptions to Migrate Your ERP to the Cloud Now, we’ll take a look at the various approaches, and the pros and cons of each, including:

The typical objections to moving to the cloud—lack of resources, cost, and time—can be readily overcome with a migration strategy that meets the unique needs of your business and your budget.

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