webinar announcement: Options to Migrate Your ERP to the Cloud Now

Moving to the Cloud – Not If, But When and How 

A convergence of technology and economics is making cloud migration a business imperative.  

It’s likely you’ve heard for years about the benefits of migrating your ERP from an on-premise configuration to the Cloud. A blog we wrote a while ago, 10 Tips to Uplift Your ERP to the Cloud, remains one of our most popular downloads.  

The reasons we cited then are even more important today. “Cloud-based solutions and services are easy to deploy, integrate, and upgrade — and they don’t require additional investment in IT infrastructure and staff. In addition, cloud-based ERP systems offer high availability and predictable expense, helping you minimize your risk while maximizing return on investment. Bringing your manufacturing business into the Cloud can be especially beneficial for businesses that anticipate rapid growth, have limited IT infrastructure, seasonal spikes, or multiple locations. Cloud-based ERP solutions also free up your existing IT resources to focus on other key high-value business initiatives.” 

These compelling business reasons and the new technology solutions that offer customizable migration to the Cloud, make migration a business imperative for maintaining operational efficiency and achieving that competitive edge. A recent IDC report on Manufacturing Insights titled, “Assessing the Role of Cloud in Operational Technology,” found that 92% of respondents say Cloud is critical to achieve operational excellence.  

The Business Imperatives 

An April 2022 article in Forbes, puts perspective on the effects of inflation on manufacturing. Another article in Area Development explores the varying results of reshoring production as an answer to supply chain challenges. Both articles make it clear that manufacturers face multiple pressures to their bottom line including:

These pressures are causing many organizations to dive deeply into their internal processes to investigate where they can reduce costs and increase efficiencies to help strengthen revenues. Here we can pivot back to cloud-based ERP systems and the business reasons manufacturers need to make the transition now.

The cost advantages realized by eliminating the purchase of software and hardware to support and maintain on-premise systems and replacing them with a flat-fee-based subscription cost for Cloud are obvious. And then there are the other business advantages, including increased access to business intelligence solutions, access anywhere, anytime by employees and business partners, and increased security to boost compliance.

Compelling Technology Reasons to Migrate 

There are also a number of options now available to manufacturers that enable them to choose a migration strategy that fits both their business needs and budget constraints. In our October 6th webinar, Options to Migrate Your ERP to the Cloud Now, we looked at the various approaches our customers have taken, and the pros and cons of each, including:

Given the business challenges today’s environment presents, along with a range of options that allow you to migrate your ERP to the Cloud your way, the time to act is now to maintain your competitive advantage and profitability.

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