Why Manufacturers Should Integrate Manufacturing Ops Solutions into Their ERP

Walter Little | Product Manager

Run a Google search on “supply chain disruption” and you’ll see the myriad challenges manufacturers are facing across virtually all industries. The headlines have a familiar ring: Manufacturers are facing shortages of key components and higher raw materials, energy, and shipping costs—conditions not likely to improve any time soon.

Today’s business environment requires ERP solutions equipped to adapt with changing business challenges, to drive growth, and to control costs. Integrating manufacturing operations systems into your ERP can provide the critical insight and agility you need to navigate ever-evolving business challenges.

In this fourth blog in our ERP integration series, we’ll take a look at the many benefits manufacturing businesses can realize by using Strategic’s integration solutions for manufacturing operations.

Agility is Key

No matter your industry, you need to deal with cumbersome business processes that demand specialized, yet robust, capabilities to run smoothly. With regulations changing constantly and business conditions in a state of flux like never before, the need for both speed and accuracy in your business processes needs to be a top priority for your organization. With economic pressures, there is little room for error.

Why Integrate Manufacturing Ops Solutions?

Whether you need to manage approved vendors and control valid ship-to countries in life sciences, or you are an automotive manufacturer facing the challenges sequencing can pose when communicating with OEM customers, integrating manufacturing ops solutions into your QAD ERP can help you automate and streamline industry-specific business processes and requirements. This frees you to focus on growth.

Turnkey Integration Solutions

Strategic has partnered with leading manufacturing operations solutions providers to provide you a variety of turnkey solutions engineered to work with your QAD ERP. These include integrations for the following areas:

Additionally, our deep understanding of QAD’s data structure accelerates time-to-value with pre-built connectors, standards integrations, and content packs to get you timely, meaningful data from day one.

Shipping: Reduce errors by avoiding rekeying addresses, account information, and more with Strategic’s shipping integration solution for UPS WorldShip®, FedEx Ship Manager®, and United States Postal Service-approved providers like Endicia and

With Strategic, you can quickly integrate these shipping solutions with QAD and become immediately productive with our easy-to-use interface. Plus, it follows all data integrity rules required by QAD.

Automotive Sequencing: When it comes to communicating with OEM’s, Strategic’s Automotive Sequencing solution empowers customers to choose from three sequencing transactions—Pick- to-Sequence, Ship-to-Sequence then Receive-to-Sequence, and Make-Assemble-Build to Sequence, adding a host of features that further smooth the process. With our sequencing solutions, you’ll get:

Tulip MES: Strategic’s integration solution for the Tulip Manufacturing Execution System enables you to quickly and easily integrate this leading MES platform that enables customers to improve the productivity of their teams, the quality of their output, and the efficiency of their operations.

Talk to Strategic About Manufacturing Ops Solutions

If you are looking for fast ROI, streamlined business processes, better resource utilization, and increased business agility that delivers a competitive advantage, ERP manufacturing ops integration solutions for QAD are an excellent choice. Talk with us to learn more and find out which of our solutions is right for you.

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