Why Manufacturers Should Tap Analytics Integrations for their ERP

Walter Little | Product Manager

Integration of Analytics

In today’s business landscape, data-based decisions are key. But with a flood of data in myriad systems and formats, are you spending more time formatting your data than using it? To gain the valuable insights you need to make real-time decisions, fast access is essential. Here’s why you should consider using a seamless ERP integration for your analytics needs and how Strategic can help. 

Self-Service Business Analytics is a Must

According to Gartner, the age of business-led, self-service analytics is here to stay, and “organizations must transition to easy-to-use, fast, agile business intelligence platforms to create business value from deeper insights into diverse data sources.” 

Gartner goes even further and reports that 60% of enterprises now consider ERP integration investments strategic to their business. That means it’s likely that your competitors are looking into integrating analytics to increase their competitive advantage over your business. That is unless you get there first! Gaining the ability to meet rapidly changing customer demands is a business imperative, but you need to first know what those insights are. That’s where an integrated analytics solution could be a game-changer for how your manufacturing business collects and uses data.

Turnkey Analytics Integration Solutions

Strategic has partnered with two leading reporting and analytics companies — Phocas Analytics and Prophix —to develop turnkey solutions engineered to work with your QAD ERP. Additionally, our deep understanding of QAD’s database structure accelerates time-to-value with pre-built connectors, standards integrations, and content packs to get you timely, meaningful data from day one. 

Phocas Analytics

Phocas Analytics for QAD provides fast access to the unique analytics manufacturers need to drive their businesses. Using Strategic’s Phocas QAD Adaptor, you’ll be able to integrate this leading platform seamlessly into your business. In addition to core analytics and dashboards, Phocas also offers Financial Statements which provides customized financial statements and reports to align teams around a single source of truth, and Budget and Forecasting for collaborative budget development using a variety of drivers based on your data. Phocas is specifically engineered to enhance QAD by:

Prophix Corporate Performance Management (CPM)

With Strategic’s Prophix CPM Adaptor, you’ll quickly and easily reap the benefits of integrating this powerful CPM platform with QAD. Run an array of “what if” scenarios to quickly make adjustments needed to meet changing customer demands quickly and efficiently. This capability is invaluable in today’s challenging marketplace. With Prophix CPM, you’ll enhance your QAD ERP by:

Other Connector Options Available

Strategic’s connector technology allows for us to quickly and efficiently create exports for other analytics platforms as well, such as Tableau or PowerBI, and more.  

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If you are looking for fast ROI, streamlined business processes, better resource utilization, and increased business agility that delivers a competitive advantage, ERP analytics integrations for QAD are an excellent choice.

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